Step by step : How to Install and Deployment Veeam Backup & Replication v9

In this video, you will learn the tips and best practices for deploying Veeam Backup & Replication in your production environment. You’ll learn how to perform a fresh install and how to upgrade from previous editions in both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V infrastructures.

You’ll see default and custom configurations, including:

– Backup repository configurations on local and remote Microsoft servers, Linux servers, network-attached storage and deduplication appliances
– Mount server selection for file-level restores and improved performance
– And more!

Before you install Veeam Backup & Replication, check prerequisites. Then use the Veeam Backup & Replication setup wizard to install the product.

Start the setup wizard
Read and accept the license agreement
Provide a license file
Review components and select an installation folder
Install missing software
Specify installation settings
Specify service account settings
Select a Microsoft SQL Server
Specify service ports
Specify data locations
Begin installation
Install available patches

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FortiSIEM Key Features Overview | SIEM – Network Security Information and Event Management Solution

Learn more:

Security management only gets more complex. Endpoints, IoT, Infrastructure, Security Tools, Applications, VM’s and Cloud – the number of things you need to secure and monitor grows constantly. FortiSIEM – Fortinet’s Multivendor Security Incident and Events Management solution brings it all together. Visibility, Correlation, Automated Response and Remediation in a single, scalable solution.

Using a Business Services view, the complexity of managing network and security operations is reduced, freeing resources, improving breach detection. Worldwide 80% of breaches go undetected because of skills shortage and event information ‘noise’. FortiSIEM provides the cross correlation, applies machine learning and UEBA to improve response, to stop breaches before they occur.

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College Assignment Trailer

Heya! This is a game trailer I made for a college assignment. It was my first time doing anything like this, especially my first time using Premiere so don’t criticise my terrible skills please!

I made all the models and textures myself in Cinema4D. All sound effects were found on, and the background music is

Thanks for reading, see ya next time! *boop*

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When Sneaky Roasts Gross Gore… 😡

★★ Best Sneaky Clips & Moments #48 ★★
Sneaky duos with a fan ✱ Sneaky takes a hit at Gross Gore ✱ Sneaky’s new dog ✱ Fun times in NA SoloQ

Footage from: February 8-26, 2019


▼Time Stamps

[0:07] Sneaky Duos with a fan
– [2:10] Sneaky takes a jab at Gross Gore
– [2:38] Gross Gore’s Response
[4:14] Sneaky likes Nunu
[6:39] Meet Kyo the Pomchi
[8:07] monkaS
[9:16] Fast Reflexes

▼Editor’s Added Music

[2:34] Luciano Michelini – Frolic
[9:50] Banjo-Kazooie [N64] – Game Selection 3

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How To Use Tilt In Space On A Snappi Cloud

In this video we will show you how to use tilt in space on a Snappi Cloud.

The Snappi Cloud offers an exceptionally high level of seat tilt between 0 and 36°. Tilt in space is when the entire seat moves whilst the back and the seat angle remain the same. The unique tilt in space facility is easily operated by a finger lever, mounted on the push handles. There are no fixed positions for this tilt facility; rather, the occupant can be positioned at any angle within this 36° range. The tilt in space mechanism is controlled by a slow-release gas strut which ensures both the comfort and safety of the child.

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Please note that this video is intended as a visual guide only. This is not a substitute for reading your user manual. For comprehensive instructions, user manuals can be down loaded from our website at the following link

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