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Learn how to fix a computer that Is locked up or frozen.

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Follow these steps to fix a computer that is locked up or frozen:

-If your PC stops responding to mouse and keyboard inputs, restarting the computer resolves the problem.
-Disconnect all devices from the PC except the monitor, mouse, and keyboard.
-Press Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys at the same time.
-Click More details, On the Processes tab, select an application that has “Not responding” next to it or that is consuming large amounts of resources. Click End task.
-Do not end applications with a green leaf icon in the Status tab.
-End all unresponsive applications.
-If the PC resumes working, save all your work and restart the computer.
-Update or remove applications that keep freezing.
-If the computer is still locked up, press the Power button on the PC and turns off the computer.
-Wait for 20 seconds and press the Power button again to turn on the PC.

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How to Fix a Computer That Is Locked Up or Frozen | HP Computers | HP

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