[Solution] How to make Latte Panels and Plasma Desktop Icons to not overlap

If you are using Latte panels and you want a way to inform Plasma Desktop about them then there is now a solution for this. Plasma Desktop Icons and various dialogs such as Widget Explorer and Activities can now act nicely with Latte panels.

1. Install Panel Transparency Button [ ]
2. Add an Empty Plasma Panel and move it at the screen edge that your Latte panel will be in the end.
3. Set the plasma panel to visibility mode : Windows Go Below
4. Reduce plasma panel size and set its alignment to Center
5. Add Panel Transparency Button in the Plasma Panel and activate it in order to hide the plasma panel background
6. Set the plasma panel thickness at your desired value in order to move the desktop icons and plasma dialogs accordingly
7. Lock your widgets in order for Panel Transparency Button to hide itself

8. Move your Latte panel at the same edge that your plasma panel is present

Plasma Desktop at least 5.17.3 in order for Panel Transparency Button to work nicely

Latte Dock at least 0.9.5 in order for Latte Dynamic Transparency to ignore plasma panels

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