Mobile Specs, QLED TV: Diamonds & True Color

A diamond is just like the nano-sized Quantum dot particles in the innovative QLED TV. When light passes through them, one billion true colors are revealed for a breathtaking viewing experience. See your local retailer to get the full billion color experience on a QLED TV or to find out more visit

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Mobile Specs, SAMSUNG & 20th CENTURY FOX: Changing the Home Entertainment Landscape I SUHD TV

Samsung and Twentieth Century Fox have made a tremendous amount of progress, but the journey toward the ultimate home cinema experience has only just begun. And with the TV and movie industry witnessing changes not only in terms of content but also the way people watch TV, it’s clear there is only going to be more work for Samsung and Twentieth Century Fox.

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Mobile Specs, What is HDR 1000 | Samsung SUHD TV

The Quantum dot display on Samsung’s SUHD TVs comes with HDR 1000 for incredibly enhanced contrast that delivers some of the most detailed images possible. But what is HDR and what does HDR 1000 mean for the SUHD TV? Find out in this video.

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