The Magic Of Classic & What BfA MUST Learn From It! Worgen Heritage Armor, Ragnaros & Nazjatar: WoW

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth takes a backseat to the WoW CLassic beta this week, as the world goes mad for Vanilla and the Classic release date of 08.27.19! We go back in time and ask what can modern WoW and BfA learn from the magic of Classic? There’s the WoW 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition with new mounts and an awesome Ragnaros statue, new worgen and gobling heritage armor to go with their new models in 8.3, and TWO new 8.2 PtR build with the opening Nazjatar quests and more testing of Azshara;s Eternal Palace raid (including the underwater boss Blackwater Behemout that we will ALL LOVE). all that and Tyrande and Pepe too… join us for the Weekly Reset; Taliesin & Evitel’s Wondrous Wisdomshow. Knowledge is power.

++++Thanks to AutomaticJak for the raid footage:

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WoW Classic Release Date Is August 27th, Beta Starts May 15th:

Warcraft’s 15th Anniversary Celebration: Ragnaros Statue, Obsidian Worldbreaker Mount, In-Game Event:

WoW Classic “Not A Bug” List:

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Google Doodle honours Persian mathematician Omar Khayyam on 971st birthday

Google Doodle honours Persian mathematician Omar Khayyam on 971st birthday

Omar Khayam or Abu’l Fath Omar ibn Ibrahim al-Khayyam, the famous Persian mathematician, astronomer and poet’s 971st birthday is being celebrated by Google today. Omar Khayyam is most know for his Jalali calendar. Jalali is a solar calendar with quite accurate 33-year intercalation cycle. This calen…

#Google #Doodle #honours #Persian #mathematician #Omar #Khayyam #on #971st #birthday

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