10 THINGS I WISH I KNEW When I Was Bronze/Silver/Gold – League of Legends Season 10

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Patch 10.11 is an excellent patch with changes coming to champions like Volibear, Lux, Gangplank, Kai’Sa, Hecarim, Graves, Syndra, Talon, and many others.

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0:00 Intro
0:46 QOTD
0:56 Tip 1 – fundamentals
1:52 Tip 2 – Improvement
3:12 Tip 3 – Playing in the future
5:07 Tip 4 – Lose is Improve
5:46 Tip 5 – Focus
6:26 Tip 6 – Tracking the jungler
7:37 Tip 7 – Watch and learn
8:03 Tip 8 – Do not duo queue
8:38 Tip 9 – Push leads
9:08 Tip 10 – Items
10:07 Outro

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What will we STEAL Today? 😈 – Pokemon Team Rocket Edition NUZLOCKE!

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Any Pokémon that faints is considered unusable, and must be released or put in the Pokémon Storage System permanently.
The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else.

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We will stream this series Twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday at 6:40pm UK time, follow me on Twitter for updates!

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Are You Worried About What Baby Laugh-A-Lot Did?

In today’s video we are continuing our nostalgia/history series, talking about some strange items that used to be very popular in stores…Let’s start off with one that can’t stop laughing!

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When Dad builds Legoland in his back garden 🏰🎫

When Dad builds Legoland in his back garden 🏰🎫
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See what happens when Dad decides to build Legoland in the back garden for his son’s 2nd birthday 🤔😂 Will Kobe like it? Who wants this in their garden? 😂

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David Haye v Jean Marc-Mormack full What Went Down episode | The night Haye became a world champion

David Haye went into the fight as a slight underdog, having already tasted defeat at the hands of Carl Thompson in his only other world title fight at that point.

The Hayemaker was knocked down in the fourth, but bounced back to win via TKO in the seventh. He talks us through what it felt like to become a world champion with trainer Adam Booth in the latest episode of #WhatWentDown…

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Gowdy: Call this for what it is, the unlawful taking of someone’s life

Former congressman and Fox News contributor, Trey Gowdy, weighs in on George Floyd’s death on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’

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