Best Buy PS5 pre order not working – how to fix and complete a checkout?

If Best Buy PS5 pre order not working for you and even Best Buy checkout not working right now, watch my video to find out how to eventually buy PlayStation 5!
Let’s talk about the problems with pre ordering PS5 on Best Buy app or website!
There are A LOT of people who are facing the same issue while trying to check out a purchase of PlayStation5.
So it’s obvious that the problem exists because of a huge traffic of people who want to pre order new console.
Some of them are already tired of trying to complete an endless checkout!
But at the same time some people eventually make orders! I’ve read that you should use PayPal and try to pre order PS5 many times and it could work for you!
Also if you agree to wait some time, then I recommend to wait for a half of a day, until Best Buy doesn’t fix their servers!
Please write in the comments how you feel about existing problems and how far you accomplished to get while trying to pre order PS5!
Thanks for watching, for commenting this video and goodbye!


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