Chemistry Quiz Chemicals and Elements

1) A rain coat is made of what?

Answer: Polychloroethene

2) Which element on adding to natural rubber makes it less sticky in hot weather and less hard in cold weather?

Answer: Sulfur

3) Which chemical causes Minamata disease?

Answer: Mercury

4) The absence of cobalt in minute quantities in human body causes what?

Answer: Pernicious anaemia

5) Which element can easily form chains?

Answer: Carbon

6) Cement mixed with gravel, sand and water is called what?

Answer: Concrete

7) What is the measure of performance of petrol in internal combustion engines?

Answer: Octane number

8) Glass is made out of what?

Answer: Sand

9) Which is considered to be an anomalous compound?

Answer: Water

10) How would you know that a chemical is pure or not?

Answer: By checking its melting point

11) Which material is used in display devices, such as digital watches?

Answer: Liquid crystal

12) Which chemical compound may soon be used as a fuel for driving vehicles?

Answer: Ethanol

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13) Which drug is present in cola drinks?

Answer: Caffeine

14) Which fuel produces the maximum heat per gram burnt?

Answer: Hydrogen

15) Which element in radioactive form is used for determining the age of artifacts, relics, bones etc. of the past?

Answer: Carbon

16) Which product of living organisms was the first to be made under laboratory conditions?

Answer: Urea

17) Which drug is present in tobacco?

Answer: Nicotine

18) What is the most common natural source for sulfur?

Answer: Volcanic region

19) The first scientific definition of a chemical element was made in which book?

Answer: The Sceptical Chymist

20) Which element is present in the least amount in a living body?

Answer: Manganese

21) What is Manganese?

Answer: A hard brittle greyish-white metallic element

22) Which gas liberated when marble reacts with hydrochloric acid?

Answer: Co2

23) Which substance is produced when nitrogen reacts with hydrogen?

Answer: Ammonia

24) Which metal has the density is less than that of water?

Answer: Sodium

25) Which catalyst used in the manufacture of Sulfuric acid?

Answer: Vanadium pentoxide


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