[ENG SUB]Be careful when you speak ill of your boss behind his back?! ?Dr. Cutie?(2020)Ep6!!萌醫甜妻預告!

?Updating? Dr. Cutie (Sun Qian, Huang Junjie, Zha Jie, Hong Shanshan)—–Chinese TV Series 2020
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Medical
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To seek revenge Tian Qi enters the palace disguised as a man. Due to her special abilities, she was taken to fancy by the Emperor and became his personal eunuch. As Tian Qi and the Emperor spend time together, the Emperor discovered that she is a girl. It turns out that Tian Qi is the daughter of Minister Ji Qingyun, named Ji Shao. Seven years ago, Ji Qingyun was framed by corrupted ministers and his family was sentenced to death. Only his daughter, Ji Shao survived. The Emperor, having fallen in love with Ji Shao, decides to make her his Empress. However, Ji Shao, who is burdened by her quest for revenge, begins to develop complicated and painful feelings for the Emperor.


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