[ENG SUB]When you’re so cute which makes you get everyone’s love?!🔥Dr. Cutie🔥(2020)Ep21萌醫甜妻21

🔥Updating🔥 Dr. Cutie (Sun Qian, Huang Junjie, Zha Jie, Hong Shanshan)—–Chinese TV Series 2020
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Medical
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Tian Qi is a doctor at Imperial Medical Academy who is “accidentally” transferred to Mansion Ji, and thus, started our story. When a greedy witty doctor met a straight icy general, it turns on a string of funny and embarrassing dramas. Between the love and hate of master and servant is Marquis Marvel. He finds out Tian Qi’s true identity as a girl by chance and falls in love with her at first sight. Such love triangle will bring some funny and cute chemistry.


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