Google Doodle honors Marsha P Johnson – LGBTQIA Stonewall Transgender rights movement leader

Google Doodle celebrates LGBTQ+ rights activist Marsha P Johnson on last day of Pride Month

Google Doodle honors LGBTQ pioneer, Stonewall vet Marsha P. Johnson

The gay liberation activist and self-identified drag queen was a central figure in the Stonewall riots.

Marsha P. Johnson • Google Doodle • LGBT • Transgender rights movement

marsha p. johnson
मार्शा पी जॉनसन
krishna and his leela
chief justice of india
pubg origin country
మార్షా పి జాహన్సన్
pride month
queer meaning
american drag queen

marsha p. johnson
avengers endgame
pride month
stonewall riots
marsha p johnson
lgbtq meaning
janet mockfire in the skycory in the house
sylvia rivera
queer meaning
love is love
lesbian masterdoc
bobby griffith
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual

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marsha p johnson lgbtq


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