How to fix all software problems on Android TV boxes MXQ wifi ETC

Hotel WiFi Software Antamedia. here is the link to the rom i used:

this video will show you how to find and install new firmware/ ROM for your Android TV box​.
I take no responsibility for any damage caused to anywhere these equipment whilst following the instructions in this video.

have lots of experience with these Android TV computers I imported a hundred of them from China sold them all and now offer support on them.

MXQ OTT TV BOX dual core with Android KitKat installed is one of the boxes I repair in this video . there is a wifi problem that I watched a few people having on YouTube videos with Android boxes this is Solutions that problem not the same solution that everyone is passing around with messing around in the route of the operating system .
I came upon this Wi-Fi problem with A TV box I search hard for solution on YouTube but could not find one this is a new solution to the Wi-Fi problem at least it’s not the same solution as everyone else.

you can use this process on almost any TV box Android and it will solve any software issues you may have.
This guy made a video of the exact problem that I am solving here:

This is the link to download the ROM that finally fixed my mxq TV box:

The firmware for most all TV boxes can be found at:

This is a link to fix Wi-Fi problem on your TV box. It didn’t work for me. But it may work for you:

Link to usb burning tool:

Link to openelec rom:


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