How to Fix Facebook Ads (Shopify Dropshipping)

In this video, I talk about how to fix Facebook ads. Since Facebook ads is an auction platform and there’s alot of advertisers relative to the amount of ad space, fixing ads is inevitable.

I start by explaining how the Facebook auction works and why most campaigns seem to “stop working”, starting with good results and then dying out.

Then, I explain how you can deal with these challenges by testing more and finding new audience-creatives that work. In my experience, continually testing and cycling new creatives is the key to continually winning the FB auction – in addition to some other methods nobody is quite talking about much.

Lastly, I share our “Process of testing” which is a list of the things I test with my creatives, ranked by the impact that it can have on your results.

IF you feel this benefited you in any way and you took away anything, all we ask is that you share this someone you know.


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