How to Make a Face Mask WITHOUT Elastic … How to Make a Face Mask with Ties

Thanks to the outpouring of support from the sewing community in the effort to make masks, elastic is now hard to come by. The four main distributors to quilt shops in the U.S. are all out and it is going to be a bit before they can get more.

So I created this video to show you how to convert ANY mask pattern that uses elastic into one that uses ties. The first half goes through the steps you need to take to convert the standard surgical style mask from elastic to ties.

The second goes over how to do it on an N95-style mask that has a a curved top and pocket for a filter. The second half starts at 12:40.

Just a reminder that your best defense against the COVID-19 is to STAY HOME! But if healthcare workers and caregivers are asking for these in your community, then please do what you can and make a mask.

Here are links to the original patterns I followed in this tutorial. Please visit their websites to get the printed instructions:
Surgical Style Mask from Deaconess:
Mask with Replaceable Filter Pocket from Sewing Therapy:

Here is a link to a database of agencies that are asking for masks:

If you want a bias tape maker, we have some in stock and are ordering more. You can get them at this link:

And if you need twist ties, we have plenty and can get more, so just leave a note at checkout with how many you need for mask making and we’ll ship them with your order free of charge. You do need to make an order for a physical product if you do this. We don’t see the notes on orders for digital products.

Stay safe and Happy Quilting!

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