How to make a Peppermint Crisp Pudding Milkshake

A lot of people ask me, Suzelle, what is your favorite South African dessert to make for special day like Heritage Day? That is why I decided to shake things up a bit and make a Peppermint Crisp Pudding Milkshake! Oh it’s so elegant and flavorful (and a REAL crowd pleaser if you ask me). Who doesn’t love some delicious Country Fresh scoops of choc-fudge and vanilla combined with classic ingredients like tennis biscuits, peppermint crisp, and caramel treat? Trust me, this recipe is one for the books! A special thanks to my friends at Country Fresh for sponsoring this episode.
Have a look at all of their fantastic ice cream flavours by visiting their Facebook page:
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You will need:

Some Country Fresh Scoops, Vanilla and Choc-Fudge!
A splash of Milk
Mini tennis biscuits
Peppermint Crisp
Caramel Treat
Some mini chocolate ballies
A few sprigs of fresh mint

Follow the instructions (and all the tips & tricks) in the video.

DIY? Because anybody can.

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