How to make a Poof with ruffle Welcome Fall from Hard Working Mom Wreath kit

How to make a ruffle Welcome Fall from Hard Working Mom Wreath kit
Learn to make this wreath today

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•Method Poof with ruffle
Ribbons cut -12
Mesh cut – 20in
​Most supplies can be found at Trendy Tree
Supplies Trendy Tree-
15in purple work frame
21in Purple and blue deco mesh
10 in Turquoise with Pink edge deco mesh
2.5 in Purple Canvas ribbon
2.5 in Turquoise canvas ribbon
1.5in Pink and Green diagonal diamond ribbon
1.5in Turquoise and white diamond ribbon

​All supplies from Trendy Tree

Supplies Trendy Tree-

Thank you, to all my HWM YouTube Community for all your support and I will see you all soon. Thank you, HWM by, Lori.
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Affiliate links for tools used. If you purchase i will get a few pennies for the purchase. About enough to buy a stick of gum 🙂
Mesh Roller

Probow the hand

Fiskars Rotary cutter and mat
Ryobi Glue gun
Bowdabra bow maker
Metal Hole Punch to make a poof with ruffles wreath


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