How to Make Christmas Star | Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Even over the holidays, I try to bring in some science! I thought since we wanted a nice big Christmas star, we could make one with some DIY skills and simple science. For the star, I cut five sticks that are similar down to the same height. Then, we lined them up in a line. To tie them together, we started off using rubber bands and connecting them in a zig-zag pattern, like a really long ‘Z’. This is the best time to put on the string lights. Wind them all the way down the sticks. Now, you can carefully fold your star shape! Tie it off one last time to keep it together.

This was an enjoyable and easy Christmas activity to do, and I love the way this looks. It’s easy thanks to the tension of the rubber bands holding this whole project together. Something so simple can make something so beautiful!
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