How to use Messi PERFECTLY and win online in PES Mobile

If you ever wondered how to get the best out of your free 100 rated CS or a base version of Leo Messi in PES 20 Mobile, how to use him perfectly in the game and win online, play with his card effectively, and whether it’s worth to train and max his stats out, this player review is where it’s at.

I’ve tested this card’s skills, which may or may not include rising shots, dipping shots, knuckle balls, long range drive, one-touch pass, outside curler, dribbling skills, skill moves like double touch, cross over turn and marseille turn, passing, shooting and of course finishing.

All of the footage is from competitive online gameplay (1000+ rating). This video is for PES 2020 Mobile, but can also be relevant for PES 2021 Mobile or PES 2022 Mobile.

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