LG – MWC 2011 – LG Press Conference

In this LG Press Conference video clip at MWC 2011, LG gives you the bold vision for smartphones — better smartphones with distinctive fuctions that will lead the mobile trend in 2011. We set new standards for smartphones earlier this year at CES 2011 with groundbreaking features, such as dual-core processors, NOVA displays and LTE technologies. You will continue to see exciting advancements throughout 2011 with LG focusing on these four key trends: multi-core smartphones for faster and stronger performance; brighter display for premium viewing experience; 3D mobile; and the tablet with optimum portability, powerful performance and 3D technology, ideal for both work and play. These technological breakthroughs and the product line-up will place LG at the foreground in the smartphone market this year. Please enjoy this video clip to see how LG is creating a new beginning.


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