Mobile Specs, Samsung Cloud Display Powers Green and Ubiquitous Cloud Computing at Cleveland Community College

The Cloud displays are a whole new class of professional-grade monitors specially designed for desktop virtualization and cloud computing. They connect directly to the network so there is no need for a separate PC or thin/zero-client at the desk — just the Cloud display.
Cloud displays have enabled students and faculty at Cleveland Community College (CCC) to integrate technology directly into the classroom. Support costs have declined dramatically. There’s no need to install courseware on PCs before the beginning of the semester, because courseware upgrade can be done very easily on the server side. The Samsung Cloud display greatly supported CCC to reduce electricity consumption because they use 70% less electricity compared to a typical PC and monitor.
For students, being able to access their work from any Cloud display on campus makes all the difference because with the old PCs, you had to go to that specific classroom. Now they can go to any Cloud display and login and work.


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