Mobile Specs, SDC 2016 Session: An Introduction to ARTIK IDE Powered by Eclipse Che

Speaker: Tyler Jewell, CEO, Codenvy
What happens when on-demand workspaces powered by Docker are transformed into a new kind of IDE for IOT? This session introduces the ARTIK IDE, built upon Eclipse Che the next-generation Eclipse IDE supported by SAP, Codenvy, Red Hat, Samsung and Microsoft. We’ll show you how a cloud IDE makes developing IoT applications fast, powerful, and fun. We will review how Che provides utilities for professional and makers including intellisense, content assist, git version control, ARTIK stack and SDK runtimes, device discovery, debugging, Android extensions, and plugins.

The ARTIK IDE is provided on a workspace server, which lets workspaces move between computers, shared by multiple users, and embedded within other systems. Get up and running within minutes to build the next-generation of IoT apps.


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