Repeating single movie using Python bindings for VLC: what is a psz_name

I’m trying to write an little application that dynamically plays a single movie file repeatedly. I wrote it in Python, using these VLC-Python bindings

I would say that this wouldn’t be so hard and even though the very sparse documentation I can get a movie fullscreen without anything else on the screen and even change the file I want to play. What I cannot is simply let a single movie repeat.

I use the following code: = []

A –repeat-tag here:

self.vlc_inst = vlc.Instance('--mouse-hide-timeout=0', '--fullscreen', '--repeat')

And a ‘–repeat’ tag here: = self.vlc_inst.media_new(NEW_VIDEO_NAME + str(currentVideoN) + VIDEO_EXTENSION, ‘–repeat’)

    self.player = self.vlc_inst.media_player_new()                  

These repeat tags don’t seem to do anything. The Instance class does have a function vlm_set_loop(self, psz_name, b_loop) but I have no idea what mrl should be. In the original code I figured out it should be a char-array (String), but I have no clue what kind of String this should be.

Anyone who does have a clue?


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