Submitting your assignment   1. Please collate your assignment as a si

Submitting your assignment   1. Please collate your assignment as a single document in a Microsoft Word format. 2. Save the assignment as your candidate ID number, e.g. CON-000123456. 3. All marking is anonymous, which means your name should not appear on your work. 4. You must state which region/jurisdiction you are from in the header of each page. 5. You must ensure that all your work is properly referenced. 6. Penalties will be applied to those candidates who submit their assignment after the due date. Word count 7. The total word count for this assignment should be between 2,000 and 2,500 words. This includes all in text references and appendices but excludes any footnotes, reference page or contents page. N.B. Appendices should only be used in exceptional circumstances and should consist of only brief extracts or tables. 8. The number of words per question should reflect the number of marks allocated. 9. Penalties will be applied for excessive overall word count. All parts of the question can be answered in relation to a jurisdiction with which you are familiar. Where a specific jurisdiction has been selected, this should be clearly stated in your answer. Answer all parts of the question. Question Olivia is a director and money laundering reporting officer (MLRO) of NRO Bank, a small local bank based in a jurisdiction of your choice. She is responsible for a number of areas of the Banks operations, including the Human Resources division and New Business Acquisition, as well as bearing the AML responsibilities. Olivia has a strong personality and is trusted by the Banks board, who rely on her to get things done. She is rarely challenged by other members of the board or other staff members. The Bank has recently been the subject of a regulatory visit and the report that followed has been highly critical of both the board and the MLRO. Key criticisms included the following failings. • • A failure on the part of the MLRO to process internal suspicious activity repo


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