When Reddit suggests Minecraft features…

In todays video I create new Minecraft features as suggested by Reddit.
They probably won’t make it into any 1.16 snapshots but that’s why I am here to save the day! 😀

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1) Cotigo – AGST
provided by
2) Candy Floss – Push N’ Glide
provided by
3) Swims and Swallows – Felix Johannson Carne
provided by
4) Before Chill – Yomoti
provided by
5) Midwest Diner – Christian Nanzell
provided by
6) Wavelength – Cushy
provided by
7) Holly x Drivvin – Til The End [NCS]

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How to Use the Target Block in Minecraft 1.16

Today we take a look at the Target Block and talk about on how to use it and craft it. The closer you shoot an arrow to the center of the block, it will output a redstone signal and should make for some interesting redstone machanics!

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How To Complete Troll Run By Frank8256 (All Levels 1-16) | Fortnite Creative Guide

Map code – 0565-4202-7306

Use code sonjay2002 in the item shop
If u want to

Today I try out troll run! By frank8256

But I tried to complete in a short time so if I helped in anyway that’s great

Objective – get to the end

This was very fun to play and to make for you guys

Category – parkour and puzzles

And if it helped you out sub and like ?

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