How To Make Spiderman Boring – Far From Home

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Spider-man Far From Home had a critical flaw that held back the movie. In this video essay I analyse what it is and how it could have been fixed…

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What’s a Circuit, Series and Parallel (ElectroBOOM101–005)

Continue learning electronics! You will design your own circuit soon.
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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Topic 29 | How to use Rectangle, Arc, Circle and Ellipse Commands in AutoCAD | AutoCAD

Topic 29 | How to use Rectangle, Arc, Circle and Ellipse Commands in AutoCAD | AutoCAD

In this topic, the instructor will discuss the quick overview of the already executed Rectangle, Arc, Circle and Ellipse command.

#AutoCADcourse , #AutoCAD , #DigiskillsAutoCADCourse

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How to Fix the War Arc from Naruto

The war arc is a extremely controversial arc within Naruto and today I’m going to fix it in three easy steps. I used fottage from Swagkage and Nux Taku in my video credit to them is linked below.

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Nux Taku:

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