‘Border Wars’ examines what motivated Trump’s focus on immigration

The Trump administration’s policies around immigration and the U.S.-Mexico border have stirred major controversy for more than a year. Now a new book, “Border Wars,” examines how the administration implemented its “zero tolerance” policy and looked for other ways to keep migrants out of the country. Amna Nawaz talks to one of its co-authors, New York Times reporter Michael Shear.

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What the Supreme Court asylum ruling means for migrants

The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold a Trump administration policy restricting many Central American migrants from seeking asylum in the U.S. has sparked outrage among Democrats on Capitol Hill and alarm in immigrant communities. CBS News reporter Camilo Montoya-Galvez joins CBSN to explain the impact of the ruling.

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?? What is behind the Honduras exodus? | The Stream

In recent weeks US media coverage has focused on people travelling from Central American countries in search of asylum in the United States. Reports of these so-called ‘migrant caravans’ in US media are often framed in terms of domestic politics, and particularly the anti-immigration stance of Donald Trump and his administration.

Yet journalism that examines what compels so many people to seek asylum in the US is less common. Honduras is just one of several countries where thousands of people have made the difficult decision to flee immediate danger at home and head north. Around 300 people leave Honduras each day according to Bartolo Fuentes, a prominent Honduran journalist and former member of the Honduran congress.

The reasons behind this exodus are manifold. Hondurans remain divided over the deeply contentious outcome of the November 2017 general election. Meanwhile, violence is routine and rooted in the everyday. Gangs frequently target poor communities with extortion, and commit brutal reprisals against those they deem out of line. Security forces often collude with these gangs, from allegedly assisting in drug trafficking through to the killing of activists. Funding for health, education and social programmes lags behind – contributing to an ever-widening gulf between the rich and poor.

The Stream will examine what is driving so many people in Honduras to leave their homes and ask how their lives can be improved.

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10 Little Known Facts About Rocket Raccoon From Marvel’s Avengers

What you didn’t know about Rocket Raccoon from Marvel.
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It’s hard to imagine having the Guardians of the Galaxy without Rocket Raccoon. Although he’s been around for decades, it wasn’t until fairly recently that he became so well-developed as a character. We’ll share some little known facts about the history of Rocket with you.

It might surprise you to know that he was actually inspired by the song “Rocky Raccoon” by the Beatles. In the comics, he had a strong, yet strange, friendship with The Incredible Hulk and also had his own expansive roster of ex-girlfriends. If you’ve ever wondered just how a raccoon learned to walk upright and create machinery, we’ll let you in on the weird origin story of Rocket Raccoon. We’ll also tell you about some awesome behind the scenes facts about how Rocket which made it onto the big screen. Who’s your favorite Guardian of the Galaxy? Let us know in the comments section and then, click on the subscribe button for more videos from CBR.


Entry 1 – ROCKY
Entry 3 – GROOT
Entry 4 – ROBOTS
Entry 6 – ASYLUM
Entry 7 – OREO
Entry 8 – HULK


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