How to FIX Firestick Buffering and Wifi Connection Issues (Easy Methods)

Are you having problems with your Amazon Firestick Buffering and slowness when streaming?? Or are having problems with your Firestick wifi??? In this video, I am going to show you how to speed up your amazon firestick, so you have a faster, more reliable internet connection! It’s important to note that it’s very important on where you have your firestick located in your home. Is it close to your wireless router? Is the signal going through walls, floors or through your TV?

All these obstacles can reduce the strength of the signal being received by your amazon firestick. When your on the firestick itself, you can view the signal strength and use apps that monitor the background apps that are still running. Force stopping background apps can be very important too, those apps can be using data you are unaware about! The same thing goes for data monitoring, located in the firestick settings. So hopefully my video helped you fix your firestick buffering and wifi connection issues! If a tip helped you out, let me know down below in the comment section!


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How to Fix Slow FaceTime Calls When You’re on Bad Internet

Can’t make a FaceTime call on your iPhone or iPad? Are you encountering connection or sound quality issues with FaceTime? Is FaceTime slow? You’re most likely connected to a bad Wi-Fi hotspot. Find out how the Speedify app can help.

Get Speedify from the Apple Store or Google Play Store: – available for iPhone, Android smartphones, Mac and PC.

Why do you encounter FaceTime call issues? Why does FaceTime sometimes jump and skip during your calls?

Apple troubleshooting for FaceTime issues:

Most likely you’re connected to bad Internet. Your “smartphone” normally uses only one connection at a time–even if it shows that you are connected to both Wi-Fi and cellular. So if you get too close to the edge of your Wi-Fi zone–or if one of the connections fails–your video freezes.

Speedify is an intelligent app that can combine Wi-Fi and cellular data on your iPhone or iPad device. Even better, Speedify also detects when one of those connections is weak. Then, it seamlessly transfers all of your traffic to the other stronger connection so you never have to deal with dropped calls and interrupted video again. This technology is called “channel bonding”.

To get started, download Speedify on your phone, ensure you have at least two Internet sources, and you’re all set. Speedify will combine your Wi-Fi with cellular data on your iPhone or iPad. You’ll get better speed and a more reliable connection for your FaceTime calls.

Get Speedify now from the Apple Store or Google Play Store – it’s free!

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How To Fix Your Internet Speed On Your Freesream Elite

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I created this video as a those of you seeking good Live TV online that can help you cut some corners. Now, this is no silver bullet as I mention in my video, BUT The Boxxmen is a class act and completely trustworthy when it comes to the best streaming media possible

As a “cord cutter” myself for almost 3 years now, I’ve learned a lot when it comes to streaming but the main thing I’ve learned is if you don’t do something you will continue to pay outrageous fees and nothing will change

This streaming cable media box has leveled the playing field. Giving YOU choices and the freedom to TAKE BACK YOUR TV. I use the Tboxx media player for these reasons

#1. You only have to purchase this one time. No subscription fees ever. The technology updates automatically. That means you actually get what you pay for.

#2. You have our iron clad guarantees and warranties. 45 day money back guarantee. Also a 24 month extended warranty absolutely FREE

#3 You have levels of tech support. From our online Facebook support page to our toll free tech support number and finally my BOXXMEN team of tech support people.

Things covered in this video:

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