How to Use Counter Culture DIY Quick Coat to Seal Glitter


My group for behind the scene sneaks and ordering information:


I go over my typical supplies in these videos:

Used the following to make this cup:
Featherbear Bling – Rose, Whine Oh

I use Counter Culture DIY’s Artist Resin (Epoxy)

Counter Culture DIY Quick Coat

I use HOGGS –

I use Stickermule for my cup labels and branding.
Here is my referral link which gives you $10 credit and gives me $10 if you purchase:

I created the wording in Silhouette Studio and cut a rose gold vinyl.

Tumbler Tutorials and MORE! Facebook group I help admin:

I do not own the rights to the included songs:
Holy Water by We The Kingdom

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I love using chocolate transfer sheets. They are a little intimidating when using the first time but when you get used to them they are just so much fun. They make dressing up cookies, cupcakes, cakes so unique.

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Your Connection is not Private Google Chrome Fix (English) How to Fix Your Connection is not private

Your Connection is not Private Google Chrome Fix (English) How to Fix Your Connection is not private
Beautify Your Computer Now :
This video will guide you through the Google Chrome Error Your Connection is not Private.
Error Message: “Your Connection is not Private” Proceed.

#Your #Connection #Not #Private #Google #Chrome

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How to Fix DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN 2020 | Chrome Error | Easy & Working

Hi Friends… This video tutorial is about “How to Fix DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN on Google Chrome”.

In this video i will share 2 working methods through which yu can solve this DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error in chrome browser.

Fix 1 : Change the DNS Server Addresses.
First “Tick” the “Use the following DNS Server Addresses” box…
Preferred DNS Server :
Alternate DNS Server :
“Tick” the “Validate-Box” & then click on “OK” button… To save the changes…

Fix 2 : Open “Command Prompt” as Admin…
Execute below mention cmds…
cmd 1 : ipconfig /release
cmd 2 : ipconfig /all
cmd 3 : ipconfig /flushdns
cmd 4 : ipconfig /renew
cmd 5 : netsh int ip set dns
cmd 6 : netsh winsock reset

Once you executed all the cmds restart your PC/Laptop…


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Chrome Aw Snap Error FIX | How to fix Google Chrome Aw Snap Error on Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 Systems

Chrome Aw Snap Error FIX | How to fix Chrome Aw Snap Error on Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 Systems
Hire me to fix this w/o getting your hands dirty

Hell if you receive the error message, you may have your Internet connection is experiencing problems, or because of problems with the site you are trying to access. To resolve this problem do but wait a few seconds and try to reload the page.
If the page loads normally, there is a fault in the network or the website you are trying to access.
If your Internet connection is limited to Windows 10, check out this guide to solve the problem in a short period of time.

Chrome is a browser requires, and if you do not have enough RAM, you can get the error message Heck. To resolve this issue sure to close all other tabs except the one that gives Heck errors.
After closing all other tabs, try reloading the tab new problem.

#Chrome #Aw #Snap #Error

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How to use bookmarks in Chrome and Safari

Di Coke explains how to use bookmarks to organise your favourite websites in Chrome and Safari.

0:35 Chrome Bookmarks
06:47 Chrome Bookmark Tips
10:29 Safari Bookmarks
12:34 Chrome Mobile Bookmarks
13:27 Safari Mobile Bookmarks

You can also find me at:



New to comping? Read my Beginners Guide at !

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How To Fix Youtube Channel Art Error! (2019)

Hey Guys,

This is just a quick tutorial on how to fix the error you might get when uploading channel art. This is due to the blocking of third party cookies so once you disable that. Now you should be able to change your channel art!

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#Channel Art Error
#How to fix
#First Upload

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How to make your content shine on Google Search (Chrome Dev Summit 2019)

With the new evergreen Googlebot, powered by the latest Chromium rendering engine, developers can leverage all the latest web technologies that optimize user experience and discoverability of their content.

In this session, we’ll peek under the hood of Googlebot and talk about the implementation best practices, patterns, and available tools and debugging flows to improve your site’s discoverability and SEO when working with a modern web stack.

Presented by: Martin Splitt

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