How to use the Clone Tool in Procreate

Duplicate elements of your artwork with the Clone Tool in Procreate.

Learn to Procreate is a series of bite-size videos demonstrating some of the most important features and workflows in Procreate, as determined by you.

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This video was made with using Procreate 5.0.0

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?Facebook live, how to use mini catalogue Designer Series Paper, Stampin Up, #stampinup

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how to make 2020 the best year of your life *MUST WATCH*

wanna make 2020 the best year of your life? here are 10 tips to how i made 2019 the best year of my life so far.

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How to Make a Stencil with Oramask Stencil Film!- The Craft Scraps


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Materials Used

1) Sign or wood –
2) Blue Oramask Stencil Film –don’t forget to use my code “thecraftscraps” for 10% off!
3) Transfer Tape – and don’t forget to use my code “thecraftscraps” for 10% off!
4) Paint – I am using acrylic paint but you can use regular or chalk paint

Step by Step Instructions

1) Open Design Space
2) Make a new project/canvas – click “shapes” to create a rectangle or square to match your sign proportions (this is optional… but you will need the shape anyway to make the stencil)
3) Insert your image or make a text box and arrange your text
4) Once you have the image/text how you want it, size the image appropriate for your sign size (if you have script or cursive text, you might need to ungroup it and move the letters together)
5) Once your text is how you want it, move the text ON TOP OF the square or rectangle shape (this will be your stencil)
6) Highlight both the shape and your text and click SLICE – this is creating your stencil
7) Move away the sliced layer of the stencil – you will be left with a shape with your text cut out of it aka a stencil
8) Once you have it sized how you want, click MAKE IT
9) Select your cut settings – for the Oramask 813 Stencil film, I used Vinyl + more pressure
10) Put your stencil film onto the mat – I used the light grip blue mat
11) Once the film is on your mat, load the mat into your Cricut using the flashing arrow buttons
12) Once loaded, press the flashing Cricut button to cut!
13) Once your stencil is cut, use your weeding tool to “weed out” or remove the letters or parts of the image that you want to paint
14) Once weeded, apply your transfer tape – stick the tape onto your stencil
15) Once the transfer tape is on your stencil, peel the transfer tape up – your stencil should come with it – you may need to get it started and help it out
16) Using the transfer tape as the carrier sheet, stick your stencil onto your sign
17) Using your scraper, press and smooth out the stencil (the tape is still on the stencil at this point)
18) Peel off the transfer tape – your stencil will be sticking to the sign
19) Now it’s time to paint! Paint your stencil – I do multiple light coats – be gentle!
20) Once you’re happy with the amount of paint on your stencil, peel your stencil while it is still damp – this will prevent the paint from cracking or chipping
21) You’re done! Enjoy!

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