What is your best DnD story? #1 (r/askreddit)

What is your best DnD story? #1 (r/askreddit)

Classic stories, with a surprise!

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Narrator: Narration: davemakesnoises (davemakesnoises.com) … Dave’s Tune – Don’t Need You
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7. SilentEnigma1027

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“How do I handle a player who has ____ ability or spell?”
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D&D players and DMs, what’s your best “Okay, I’ll allow it” story?
D&D players of Reddit, what are your craziest stories from your campaigns?
D&D players of Reddit, what is the most creative character you’ve seen someone play as?
D&D Players of Reddit; what’s your funniest adventure story?
D&D players, what are your best trap ideas?
D&D players, what have been some of your favourite moments in a campaign?
D&D players, what is the best plot twist you have seen?
D&D players, what was the NAT20 that made your DM facepalm?
D&D players, what’s the best moment you’ve had in a game?
D&D Players, what’s the most screwed up thing you’ve ever done in a game?
D&D players, What’s your “Oh man, this will never happen again!” moment?
Discord D&D Adventures #2
DMs, What is a plotline you’ve always wanted to run? (r/dndstories)
DND Nope Moments #1 @Neckbeardia
DnD players and DMs, what’s your best “Okay, I’ll allow it” story?
DND Players, What is the coolest character you have ever played?
DnD players, what was the stupidest way your character has died?
DnD players, what’s your story when you or a party member rolled either a 20 or a 1?
DND players, what’s your best Stories of Rope? (r/dndstories)
DnD players: What is the most creative character you’ve seen someone play as?
DnD players: What legendary move in a campaign will live on forever in infamy?
DnD Tales
Dungeon Masters of Reddit, who is the single worst player you have ever put up with?
Ever had another PC kill your character?
Have you had a D&D game ruined by a player with only good rolls?
How did the gods get involved in your stories and campaigns, and how did that go?
How my players broke my campaign in the BEST way
If you were an NPC, what side quests would you give the player?
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Share Your Funniest D&D Story
Tabletop RPG players, what is your favourite story from your adventures?
TT RPG players, what’s the funniest thing that ever happened during one of your games?
What are some good dungeons and dragons plot twists?
What are some of the best D&D campaign ideas you’ve ever had?
What are some of the most memorable quotes and experiences to come from your sessions?
What are some of the most memorable quotes from your sessions?
What are the best homebrew D&D 5e rules that you use in every campaign?
What are your best uses for a bag of holding? (r/DnD)
What are your unpopular opinions about D&D?
What caused the outburst that ruined your D&D session?
What folklore creature do you think really exists?
What house rules do you hate?
What is the best and worst house rule you have ever played with?
What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in game?
What is the most creative character you’ve seen someone play as?
What is the most unexpected damage you’ve ever done as a PC or DM?
What is the most useless magical item you’ve ever given your party?
What is the smallest way your DM has driven home how “evil” a villain is?
What is the worst name your PCs ever came up with?
What is the worst or most broken homebrew a player tried to use?
What is the worst/best misinterpretation of a rule or ability that you have seen?
What is your best DnD story?
What is your favorite Dungeons and Dragons monster?
What is your favorite evil character concept?
What is your saddest D&D story?

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