The Football Show | Kevin Kilbane, Kevin Doyle & John O’Shea | When soccer was played in Croke Park

Joe Molloy is joined on the line by former GAA President Sean Kelly, Kevin Kilbane, Kevin Doyle and John O’Shea as we look back on the year soccer was played in Croke Park for the first time ever.


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How to use Social Media as a Reflection Tool

In this video, I was speaking in a University of Life talk in November. I discussed the benefits of using social media to be more transparent in your own life which in turn attracts a more engaged following audience.

Two of the main points are:

• Using social media can be used to reflect on your life and your daily actions.
• More people are most attracted to transparency rather than blending into all the other “influencer types”

I’m an entrepreneur based out of Dublin, Ireland, I share my ideas and the lessons I’m learning along the way here so that hopefully others watching on can learn at my expense and speed up their entrepreneurial journey off the back of mine.

Feel free to get in touch via Instagram @jamiewhite or my website

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How Is Felicity Huffman Being Treated in Prison?

People are asking if inmate Felicity Huffman is getting special treatment in prison after images surfaced of the celebrity exiting her detention facility. Dressed in prison khaki and a baseball cap, Huffman was on her way to meet husband William H. Macy and their daughter. Huffman is serving time at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California. The “Desperate Housewives” star pled guilty for her role in the college admissions scandal.

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How to use the I-VOL Database

Dublin City Volunteer Centre helps people who live in the Dublin City area find suitable and rewarding volunteering opportunities, locally.

Visit our website here:

See the full guide to our service:

How to use the I-VOL Database

If you have a fairly good idea of what you want to lend your time to, or you have a specific skill you would like to work on/contribute – check out the I-VOL database page:

You will see 3 boxes – three options to filter roles through – ‘Town/County’, ‘Cause’ and ‘Activity’. Put ‘Dublin’ into Town/County’, or any other location you want to volunteer in as this is a database shared with all volunteer centers. Then you can pick through different causes or activities you are interested in seeing roles for, and hit the search button.

Check out our other videos:
– How to apply for a volunteer role
– Search for roles in Dublin
– How to register

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