What is the Weakest Pokemon in EVERY Game?

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What is the mathematically weakest Pokemon you can obtain in every main series Pokemon game?
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The BEST Way to Use Decoys in Fortnite…

They never saw it coming…

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15 ways How to use NETHERITE in Minecraft 1.16 Nether Snapshot

This NEW Nether update in Minecraft 1.16 inspired us to think of Netherite features that we’d love to see added to Minecraft. New blocks, new items, new golems, new armor, new weapons!

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In today’s 15 NETHERITE Features I’d Love in Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update we check out all the NEW potential ways to incorporate netherite from the 20w06a Snapshot release. From netherite scrap and steels to a netherite golem who can protect you from any nearby problems, or how about a nether trident that can destroy tons of blocks. This and so much more in today’s episode of comments to crafting, remember to comment your recommendations so they might get featured in next weeks episode.

15 NETHERITE Features I’d Love in Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update

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FIRST DATE PROBLEMS || The Evil Within: The Assignment – Part 1

The Evil Within continues with the first dlc: The Assignment.

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How To Make Easy Millions In JUST ONE HOUR!? – Gmod DarkRP Life EP 26

gmod darkrp life ( rags to riches ) I’m going to show you my story how I made a couple of million in just an hour. first thing you need to do is set up a base once you’ve done that you’ll need to get some money printers down. Now you can start farming, mining for bitcoin I didn’t do bitcoin this time but bitcoins a very good way to make money! How To Make Easy Millions In JUST ONE HOUR!? – Gmod DarkRP Life EP 26? Subscribe for more great videos ? ➡

Join me on adventure Gmod Darkrp Trolling, Gmod funny moments and Gmod darkrp Hacking catch hackers on the server, Garry’s mod Admin abuse Bitcoin mining/ miners. Gold mining unturned roleplay and lots of gaming content

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How to make a portal to heaven in minecraft (aether world)

Episode 28 of Minecraft, we show you how to make a portal to heaven to go to the aether world in minecraft and it was amazing!

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This is a new Minecraft Survival 1.15 video. Me and my friends Jaw, and Goofy explore the aether world in minecraft, in this video we show how you can make the aether portal to go to heaven in minecraft. We also had lots of funny moments in this video and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did making it.

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BEST Way to Make MONEY in Bloons TD 6 (INSANE Money Strategy)

BEST Way to Make MONEY in Bloons TD 6 (INSANE Money Strategy)

In today’s Bloons TD 6 video we’re doing a Banana Farm Strategy! This is an amazing way to make TONS of money in Bloons TD 6! We’re using the Banana Farm’s bank upgrade to make money super fast. This is the best way to make money in BTD 6. If you want to see more BTD 6 tips and tricks let me know down below!

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Nioh 2 Has More Of What Fans Want

We recently got hands-on time with Nioh 2 and saw just how much has changed with the upcoming prequel. Check out some new yokai powers, exploration, advanced combat mechanics, and a boss fight against Shibata Katsuie who dual-wields axes and has a fiery companion. Nioh 2 will release March 13th exclusively on the Playstation 4.

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How To Make Money If You Are Under 18

Teenage years can be some of the best times of your life, but they also mean that you are most likely completely broke. It’s time to level up and get some spending cash, maybe take your secret crush on a romantic date, but to do that you need the dough. In today’s video we’re going to share the best ways on how to to make some extra money online and offline if you are under 18.

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What does 5 Million Look Like in Minecraft?

What does 5 Million Look Like in Minecraft?
We have 5 million blocks, 5 million items, 5 million repeaters, 5 million minecraft days and much more. If you ever wonder what the number 5 million would look like in Minecraft, this is the video for you. Of course, this is to celebrate me hitting 5 million subscribers on YouTube!

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