How to craft your own unique holiday cards | GMA

Lifestyle expert Katie Brown stops by “GMA” to show us how to make festive DIY holiday cards.

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Who is ISABEL MAY ? Surprising Facts About Alexa & Katie’s KATIE

Who is ISABEL MAY ? Surprising Facts About Alexa & Katie’s KATIE

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50 Facts About Me Tag:
1. Name
2. Zodiac Sign
3. Nicknames
4. 3 Things I love
5. 3 Fears

6. Last song I listened to.
7. Your high school GPA
8. What you ate today
9. Number of siblings
10. Favorite vacation

11. The reason I started making YouTube videos.
12. Dream Vacation.
13. Something I really want.
14. What my significant other likes most about me
15. Meaning behind my channel name.

16. My favorite movie.
17. My favorite song.
18. My favorite band.
19. 3 things that upset me.
20. 3 things that make me happy.

21. The last movie you saw in the theater
22. Someone I miss.
23. Someone I love.
24. Do I have kids
25. How many hours of sleep did I get last night?

26. Something you miss from your childhood
27. A book you could read over and over
28. Something I got in trouble for as a child
29. 3 Things that annoy me easily.
30. My favorite animal.

31. My pets.
32. One thing I’ve lied about
33. Something that’s currently worrying me
34. An embarrassing moment
35. Where I work

36. What my last text message says
37. 3 bad habits I have.
38. My future goals.
39. My pets.
40. My favorite stores.

41. My favorite food.
42. What I did yesterday.
43. Something I’m talented at.
44. My idea of a perfect date.
45. My celebrity crush.

46. Something I’m good at
47. My favorite YouTube channels.
48. Something I would like to learn
49. Best way to spend my day off
50. Your favorite cereal

Enjoy my intro video!

twitter: @thekatiebaugher
instagram: @thekatiebaugher

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