How to Use Aspects/Drishti in Vedic Astrology

How to calculate Aspects called Drishti in Vedic Astrology; Example chart using Adolf Hitler’s chart

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Most Powerful Forces In The Universe – Space Discovery Documentary

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All across the immense reaches of time and space, energy is being exchanged, transferred, released, in a great cosmic pinball game we call our universe.

How does energy stitch the cosmos together, and how do we fit within it? We now climb the power scales of the universe, from atoms, nearly frozen to stillness, to Earth’s largest explosions. From stars, colliding, exploding, to distant realms so strange and violent they challenge our imaginations. Where will we find the most powerful objects in the universe?

Today, energy is very much on our minds as we search for ways to power our civilization and serve the needs of our citizens. But what is energy? Where does it come from? And where do we stand within the great power streams that shape time and space?

Energy comes from a Greek word for activity or working. In physics, it’s simply the property or the state of anything in our universe that allows it to do work. Whether it’s thermal, kinetic, electro-magnetic, chemical, or gravitational.

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Secret fun facts on solar system!

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Some space effects and videos are taken from….
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107 Queen Facts YOU Should Know & Queen – Cool Cat Official Lyric Video (Reaction!!!)

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107 Queen Facts YOU Should Know (Ep. #54) – MicDrop
Queen – Cool Cat (Official Lyric Video)


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Mercury in Capricorn 2019: Against facts there is no argument [3D]

Mercury in Capricorn, on a horoscope, shows something difficult to accept: facts. We can not force facts to always be those we want and that makes us suffer.

Think: don’t you spend most of your time trying to force the facts to be what you expect them to be?

You work in order to create the following facts: you are successful and make money.

You choose your behavior with your boyfriend, with your wife, in order to create the following facts: you two are happy and the relationship continues.

But almost always the facts behave differently from our expectations. You are fired. You are attracted by your boyfriend’s hot friend. You want a straight son and he is gay.

That’s when you abandon Mercury in Capricorn and twist the facts.

I was fired because of my boss, the crisis, politics. I’m going to continue my relationship the way it is because it is wrong to be attracted by my boyfriend’s friend. Since my son is gay, I’ll tell him to go away from MY house.

Mercury is intelligence. Capricorn is the reality. Mercury in Capricorn teaches that facts can be simply be noted and you could simply make decisions based on real facts.

But most people PREFER not to see the facts, make wrong decisions based on a reality that does NOT exist and deal with UNNECESSARY outcomes.

What makes the human being prefer all these problems over the facts?

Mercury in Capricorn applies its intelligence to the analysis of real facts. But people leave aside the facts and prefer to EXPLAIN, JUSTIFY or MAKE THINGS UP. Here are some examples:

Fact: Mary is not attracted by John.
John lies to himself, using a FALSE EXPLANATION: “Mary wants me. She is just playing hard to get.”

Fact: John is incompetent and never gets promoted. Mary is a great pro and was quickly promoted.
John lies to himself, using a FALSE ARGUMENT: “Mary shagged the boss to get the job.”

Fact: Poor and with a poor education, John struggles to be successful more than Peter, a rich and educated guy.
Mary lies to herself, using pure INVENTION: “John is not successful because he lacks will, since ‘if you want it, you can do it’.”

But why does someone prefer their fantasies, their bad decisions based on their fantasies and their poor results instead of facing real facts?

Because people prefer to be RIGHT and to be seen that way.

John prefers to be “right”, believing he is the alpha male, instead of facing the fact: Mary finds him a horrible chauvinistic man.

John prefers to be “right”, believing Mary is incompetent, instead of facing the fact: he himself is incompetent.

Mary prefers to be “right”, believing our society is fair, instead of facing the existence of evil in human beings.

Why should I be happy and accomplish things if I can continue to be “right” about everything?

Free Astrology & Horoscope Reports focusing REALITY, practicality and facts. Do something with your astrological knowledge, instead of limiting yourself to its most superficial aspect: predictions. NO vague speech, NO self-help cliches, NO holistic foolishness and NO sugar-coated approach here.

This channel is about spiritual, psychological and astrological themes in a REALISTIC and PRAGMATIC way. No sugar-coated blah blah blah. Its goal is to generate EFFECTIVE comprehension of the Universe’s spiritual mechanisms. If you are interested in NEW PARADIGMS, this is where you belong.

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Mercury | Funtastic Facts | Fun Facts

Mercury | Funtastic Facts | Fun Facts
Mercury | Funtastic Facts | Fun Facts
Mercury | Funtastic Facts | Fun Facts
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Mercury | Funtastic Facts | Fun Facts

It’s Funtastic Fact Friday! Did you know that the planet Mercury doesn’t have any water on its surface? Learn more Funtastic facts about Mercury in this video!

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Axe Music Degree Assignment

This was a Class Presentation Assignment that i’ve done for
Roots of Contemporary Music teached by Steve Savale.
The class aims to journey through many significant contemporary genres of music, exploring their musical, cultural and political influences.
I’ve choosen Axe Music as it beats strong in my heart, i hope you enjoy my little research

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