How to use basil in soap

Scent: Basil Mint & Sage Soap

What will the soap smell like? Hmm that’s a great question. Here’s a description from NG below:

Top Notes: orange, lemon, peppermint sprigs
Mid Notes: lily of the valley, jasmine, basil leaves, clary sage
Base Notes: woods, musk

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My soap is made with premium ingredients and affordable @ 4.00 a bar.

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How to Use Suavecito’s Shaving Products

Choosing the best shaving product for yourself or your client at your barbershop can sometimes be tricky, especially with all of the available options like shaving soap, pre-whipped shaving cream, shaving gel, hot lather produced by machines, etc…

This video touches on some of the different features of some of the different shaving products by Suavecito. Learn why one shave product might be better than the other for different use cases.

Suavecito Shaving Cream:

Premium Blends Whiskey Bar Shaving Cream:

Premiumb Blends Metal Tube Squezzer:

Suavecito Shave Gel:

Suavecito Pomade SHOP:





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How-To use VALGRIND: fix memory leaks – Linux, Command Line, Debian, C++, obs studio, Makefile

This is something all coders should know how to do as it can save you a lot of headache down the road. After going through this video you should have a general understanding of how to use Valgrind and get some reports on your programs memory usage.

short version: compile all your objects and executable with `-g` flag. run your executable with `valgrind –leak-check-yes ./exename`

Also in this video I touch on how to install obs studio for recording on Zorin OS. Uncut video.

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