Tropical Storm Fay: What You Need to Know About The Storm | NBC New York

Tropical Storm Fay rolled through the tri-state region Friday, churning northward with winds up to 60 miles per hour and heavy rains that caused flash flooding before it made landfall in northeast New Jersey shortly before 5 p.m.

Fay, a system that started developing off the coast of North Carolina, became the first tropical storm to make landfall in the region since Irene in 2011.

Landfall was recorded approximately 10 miles northeast of Atlantic City around 4:50 p.m., but its power was felt well before then. Most of the tri-state had a thorough soaking by 4 p.m. with many spots, including Central Park, recording two or more inches of rainfall.

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Sold out: Here’s how to make homemade hand sanitizer

With the rise of the coronavirus (COVID-19) stores are quickly running out of sanitizing products. But, we got you covered. Watch this video for a homemade disinfectant recipe.
*When available, the CDC urges people to use soap and warm water to clean the germs off of their hands.
(Video: Alexandra Salmieri)

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Adult film ‘Debbie Does Dallas’ caused stir when screened in Times Square in 1979

There was nothing like Times Square in the 1970s!

The adult film “Debbie Does Dallas,” starring Bambi Woods as Debbie, dressed in a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ outfit, caused quite a stir when it was screened in Times Square in February 1979.

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, which had nothing to do with the making of the film, were less than thrilled about the film. They claimed that Debbie “is not a cheerleader and never has been,” and tried to shut down the film for months.

As ticket buyers flocked to New York’s Pussycat Theater, they were surprised to find out that a majority of the staff had been arrested.

Eyewitness News reporter Josh Howell arrived at the theater as federal marshals dragged out the management of the complex. The marshals blamed the arrests on the theater’s refusal to stop screening the film.

Even after closing its doors — the superintendent was not arrested — management insisted to the news cameras they did nothing wrong. The superintendent was not arrested, and he closed the doors for the night.

More from the Eyewitness News Vault:

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Nightclub Infiltration classified Assignment | EPISODE 3 | The Division 2 Walkthrough

Hello my fellow commendation hunters !!

Today i finally gonna show you the Nightclub infiltration Classified assignment mission of episode 3 !!

Due to playing the PTS. I had to do it on PC so sorry for the laggy bits and pieces. I did everything i could to get the best video for you !

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New Commendations the Division 2 Covered !

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Lifesaving Distinction :
Shepherd Commendation :

And many more to Come !!

Coney Island Ballpark :
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What I Spend in a WEEK as a Millionaire Living in NYC

Here is how much I spend in a week as a 30 year old living in New York City! In this personal finance video I show you my realistic budget and the true cost of living in one of the most expensive cities in the USA.


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When Spreadsheets Attack!

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If you find my audio book on Audible you will have 9 hours and 33 minutes of me reading out my own words. Look up “Humble Pi” or search 0593166868. That’s its audiobook code. I can’t link to it directly because everything has to go through you know how this works.

Yes, I am in New York. Yes, I am doing a show! Come and see me on Saturday 25 January at Caveat, Manhattan.

The European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group. Real group, I love them.

Dr. Felienne Hermans and the Enron spreadsheets.

“Gene name errors are widespread in the scientific literature”

If you’d like the spreadsheet I was using in the video (for whatever reason) this is it, exactly as I saved it after filming.

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What I Spend When I Travel: NYC Edition | Millennial Money

I recently showed you what I spend in a week in LA as a 24 year old, so I thought we’d do a travel edition for my recent trip to NYC! This was definitely excessive lol if it helps I’ve only spent $3.50 in the past 10 days back in NC. Express Items Shown:
Black wrap front top:
Black dress:
White fur coat:
Long black fur coat (big sale!):
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