How to Make Squishy Dice

This video goes over the process of creating squishy silicone dice for stress relief/general tabletop shenanigans!

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I absolutely adore these little squishy bois – phrasing. They are awesome for stress relief and bounce like crazy when you throw them. Now, I didn’t paint any numbers in for mine, as normal paint just won’t stick to them. You can however get a product called psycho paint that will get the job done for you. I wanted these more just for a fun toy rather than any serious dice that I’d be rolling, but if you want a set that you can read and squish, I highly recommend Psycho Paint.

Send me pics of your squishy dice if you make some yourself! You can absolutely make it with normal silicone, but Dragon Skin is just WAY more durable than normal silicone, and so I do recommend it over something like slow-15 etc.

Crafsman video on creating silicone within a silicone mold:

Dragon Skin 20 (What I used in the video):
Dragon Skin 10 (An even more squishy silicone):
Gold Pigment Powder:
Black Pigment:
Thermochromatic Pigments:
Psycho Paint:

How To Make Your Own Silicone Dice Molds video:
Mold Materials-
Sorta Clear 37: (Not the same as sorta clear 12, but it’s available on amazon and can be primed. This is also an affiliate link, so I get a tiny kickback at no cost to you. The only difference is this is a bit stiffer of a silicone. It’s really personal preference on what you use.)
Sorta Clear 12:

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