When Reddit suggests Minecraft features…

In todays video I create new Minecraft features as suggested by Reddit.
They probably won’t make it into any 1.16 snapshots but that’s why I am here to save the day! 😀

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1) Cotigo – AGST
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2) Candy Floss – Push N’ Glide
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3) Swims and Swallows – Felix Johannson Carne
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4) Before Chill – Yomoti
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5) Midwest Diner – Christian Nanzell
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6) Wavelength – Cushy
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7) Holly x Drivvin – Til The End [NCS]

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15 ways How to use NETHERITE in Minecraft 1.16 Nether Snapshot

This NEW Nether update in Minecraft 1.16 inspired us to think of Netherite features that we’d love to see added to Minecraft. New blocks, new items, new golems, new armor, new weapons!

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In today’s 15 NETHERITE Features I’d Love in Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update we check out all the NEW potential ways to incorporate netherite from the 20w06a Snapshot release. From netherite scrap and steels to a netherite golem who can protect you from any nearby problems, or how about a nether trident that can destroy tons of blocks. This and so much more in today’s episode of comments to crafting, remember to comment your recommendations so they might get featured in next weeks episode.

15 NETHERITE Features I’d Love in Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update

#Minecraft #Nether #Update


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Automatic Sheep Solution – Hermitcraft 6 Ep78

FINALLY! I’ve got the sheep sheering solution solved! and it’s fully automatic.

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The TinFoilChef song (improved version)
by Lennardt

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How To Use The New Composter In Minecraft

Good concept, execution needs some tweaking. Ain’t dumping over a stack of seeds for no bonemeal.
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