HBO: What’s New in April 2020 | HBO

Looking for what to watch? HBO has new episodes, originals, blockbusters, documentaries and more to stream in April. Check out what’s coming to HBO on TV, streaming and On Demand — and what’s leaving soon. #HBO
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HBO: What’s New in April 2020 | HBO

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Apple to Buy Disney? What to Watch on Netflix, Disney Plus

Apple to Buy Disney today! Beyond The Trailer’s reaction & breakdown! What to watch on Netflix, Disney Plus, Streaming Movies!

What to Watch today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction and breakdown of the top ten on Apple TV aka iTunes, Disney Plus and Netflix! Plus could Apple really buy Disney? Plus what new streaming movies & tv shows are coming up, from Birds of Prey to Bloodshot to Ozark Season 3! Share your own reaction and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Intro – 00:00
The New Hollywood – 00:30
Apple to Buy Disney? – 3:20
Apple TV – 5:42
Disney Plus – 7:45
Netflix – 9:46
This Coming Week – 11:19

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

Birds of Prey –
Bloodshot –
The Gentelmen –
Dolittle –
The Way Back –

#Disney #Netflix #DisneyPlus

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What If Amazon Went Bankrupt?

We all use for something or other, whether it’s online shopping or Amazon Prime video streaming services. Amazon has totally taken over the digital consumer market and is rapidly taking over globally. But what if Amazon suddenly went bankrupt? Would the future Jeff Bezos is creating all fall apart? And how would you survive without being able to order everything under the sun with a click of a button? In today’s fun video we find out what the world would be like without Amazon.

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OBS Black Screen Fix Windows 10 | How to fix OBS Capture Black Screen Problem

OBS Black Screen Fix Windows 10 | How to fix OBS Capture Black Screen Problem

Open Broadcaster Software is a popular application. Although free, rich in features and is used by many professional groups. This application is still receiving regular updates and the last update, it seems that many users get black OBS screen in their efforts to save their views. This is a fairly common problem and there are a few things you can do to fix it permanently.

Disable Compatibility Mode
OBS is a desktop application and a desktop application may be forced to run in compatibility mode when they do not play well with Windows 10. The latest version of the application works well with Windows 10 and does not need to run in compatibility mode, even if the version is created.

To disable the compatibility mode for OBS, right click on the shortcut you use to launch. In the context menu, select Properties. Open the Compatibility tab and disable the “Run this program in compatibility” option.

The use of integrated graphics
This is true if you have an Nvidia GPU. Their right clicking an empty area on the desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel from the menu. In the left column, select “Manage 3D Settings.” Open the Settings tab of the program.

Go to the “Select a program to customize the” drop-down menu and select OBS. If you can not find the OBS in the list, click the Add button next to the drop-down list and select the EXE application.

They force an application to use Windows dedicated GPU
Then open the “Select the preferred graphics processor for this program,” drop-down menu and select “integrated graphics”. Click Apply.

Although this is a problem that users encounter Nvidia GPU, the user can have the experience of AMD GPUs as well. If you run an AMD GPU, you have to do is open the center or the AMD Catalyst Control Center by right-clicking an empty area of ​​the desktop and select from the context menu.

From there, you find the setting that allows adjustment of the graphics card will be authorized to use this application. If you can not find the settings and run Windows 10 in 1803 to build (or later), you can set the OBS graphics card that can be used from the Settings application.

Run as administrator
Finally, when used OBS, right-click and select Run as administrator from the context menu. When you then try to save your screen with the OBS, you can do so without the black screen.

#OBS #Black #Screen

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KSI vs. Logan Paul 2: How We Got Here

Before they get in the ring for their rematch, get the backstory behind the rivalry between KSI and Logan Paul.

Big fights. Any device. One price. DAZN is the only place to watch Gennadiy “GGG” Golovkin, Canelo Alvarez, and Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua 2. Download the app now at and get one of the best schedules in combat sports history, including:

KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 (November 9)
Ruiz vs. Joshua 2 (December 7)
Daniel Jacobs vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (December 20)




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The Evil Within – The Assignment (PS4) LIVE

MVL plays The Evil Within – The Assignment on the Playstation 4!

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#TheEvilWithin #HorrorGaming #Playstation4

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How DOOM Helped Convince Google That Stadia Would Work – IGN First

Google Stadia team members describe how Google Fiber and DOOM (2016) helped inspire the cloud-based game streaming service and helped shape it and bring it to life. Google Stadia launches on November 19.


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How the Google Stadia Controller Was Designed – IGN First

We interviewed Google Stadia Design Director Isabelle Olsson about the process of designing the Google Stadia controller from scratch, which involved literally hundreds of design iterations and some pretty unconventional approaches to the task that we think you’ll want to hear about. Google Stadia launches on November 19.

#ign #gaming #stadia

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