The Zero Hero Scanner – How to use it

This scanner finds signals for the Zero Hero trading method. In this video, I explain how this method works and how the scanner works. It has three different options:
1) all signals
2) signals only after an extreme
3) best signals only

The scanner scans up to 30 pairs of your choice for Zero Hero Signals and scans four different timeframes at the same time.

Pre-Sale has started now. Until October 20th you only can get the Zero Hero Scanner by Skrill payment. After you sent the money you get the scanner normally on the same day. Please write to to get the payment details (and price). After the pre-sale phase, the scanner will be also available on my website.

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How to Make a Hurricane, with Neil deGrasse Tyson

How are hurricanes like Dorian, Irma and Sandy formed? Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the physics of Earth’s most powerful storms, along with comedian Chuck Nice. Find out how they’re named, how distance from the Equator changes how fast a storm moves thanks to Coriolis forces, how circulation of weather forms around a low pressure system, and more.

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How To Use The iPhone’s New Spam-Call-Blocking Feature In iOS 13

Do you get a lot of robocalls? iOS 13 has a new feature that lets you easily block robocalls on your iPhone. Turn on Silence Unknown Callers to stop getting spam calls on your iPhone.


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How To Use The iPhone’s New Spam-Call-Blocking Feature In iOS 13

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