Minecraft But It Ends When I Touch Dirt (Or Grass)

Also known as the floor is lava

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Minecraft Bedrock is the same as Minecraft Windows 10, Minecraft Pocket Edition; or Minecraft Xbox One, PS4 & Switch

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How to use the favourite buttons in your BMW – BMW How-To

Learn in this video that the favourite buttons in your BMW are there to quickly access Operating System or iDrive functions. These functions can be, for example, radio stations, navigation destinations, contacts or shortcuts to the menu. To save a function, first select it, then press and hold the desired button until a signal sounds.
You can simply overwrite the buttons. If you would like to unassign all favourite buttons, just hold the first and last button for a few seconds and press OK in the Central Information Display to confirm.

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The BMW Driver’s Guide app specifically describes the equipment and functions included in the vehicle. The Owner’s Handbook is available as an app in many countries. You will find further information on the Internet at:

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BMW Sheer Driving Pleasure

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How To Use NFC Tags With Your iPhone

You can buy cheap NFC tags and use them to trigger Shortcuts and other actins on your iPhone. You can set up a Personal Automation that automatically runs when triggered by touching your iPhone to a tag. You can also write information to tags that can bring up web pages and request other actions from any iPhone or Android user with a recent device.

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How to Fix iPhone 5 Power Button Problem

How to Fix iPhone 5 Power Button Problem. iPhone 5 Power Button Repair by Gadget Guru

Our iPhone 5 Power Button Repair & Replacement shows how to replace the power button assembly, which is also part of the volume button and mute switch flex cable assembly. This repair will replace a broken damaged or unresponsive power button, volume button or mute button.

Please pay close attention as it is very easy to rip the flex cable.

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How to fix broken iPhone lock button: the power button’s stopped working!
Advice and a handy fix for a broken iPhone and iPad lock/power/sleep home button
iPhone or iPad lock/power button not working? Here’s how to fix a broken lock button.

The button at the top of my iPhone 4S, commonly known as the lock button, power button or sleep button, is broken. It doesn’t click at all. This can be really, really annoying because you can’t turn off the iPhone, you can’t take a screenshot, and, most frustratingly, you can’t put your iPhone to sleep.

Apparently, this is a common problem, and Apple has even been taken to court over it. Two iPhone owners in the US attempted to sue Apple over the problem, which they say is caused by a faulty design.

In their complaint, which was filed in February 2013, the two plaintiffs say that Apple knew that there was a problem with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S’ lock button design. They also say that the apparent fault could be hazardous because it prevents users from being able to turn off their phones on a flight, for example.

US District Judge Gary Feess threw out the power button case, though, dismissing the claim because the plaintiffs failed to prove a breach of warranty and RICO.

In May, a nearly identical case was filed against Apple, in which the plaintiff argues that the flex cable mechanism attached to the power button, which we’ve found is the cause of the problem, becomes inoperable after extended use.

If your power button is broken and judging by the amount of people that read this article every day, that’s a lot of you, we feel your pain, but you’ll be pleased to hear that it is kind of fixable, and there’s a really handy workaround that you might not know about.

Broken Home button? There’s a fix for that too: How to fix a broken Home button.

How to fix a broken iPhone lock button: Hardware repair
If your iPhone is still in warranty, Apple may be able to repair the hardware for free. Check out our iPhone warranty guide to see what your rights are. You can make an appointment with Apple to find out if you’re covered. If it turns out you’re not covered, a Genius from the Apple Store will be able to tell you how much it’ll cost to get it repaired.

If you’re not happy with coughing up the cash to get your iPhone’s lock button repaired, or if your bank balance won’t allow it, you could consider repairing the iPhone yourself.

We wouldn’t recommend trying to repair your iPhone yourself unless you’re confident in doing so, as it’s really quite difficult. Plus, it’s not as simple as getting a new lock button and fitting that in it could actually be that there’s a tiny part missing from the power button flex cable. Unfortunately, this is one of the last components to be removed from the iPhone during repair, so you’ll need to do a lot of fiddly work before you get to it.

Also, attempting to repair your iPhone yourself could invalidate your warranty, so if it doesn’t work and you end up having to take it to Apple, it’s likely you’ll have to pay.

How to fix a broken iPhone lock button: the software solution
In iOS, there’s a little known feature that can help massively when buttons stop working on your iPhone.

To get to this feature, go to Settings General Accessibility. There, scroll down to click AssistiveTouch and slide the toggle so that it appears green. IPhone 5 (Mobile Phone),Lord,Rings,Return,Fix,Red,broken,Light,Power,Return (Film),Repair,Xbox,Minds,iphone,5s,5c,4s,Two,Ipod,Touch,Problem (Quotation Subject),How-to (Media Genre),Apple,Criminal,Review,Flies,Lights,IPod Touch (Product Line),Store,Three,Fixed,solved How to Fix iPhone 5 Power Button Problem.

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How to Fix iPhone Ipad Stuck in Recovery mode loop after update [HD]

How to Fix iPhone Ipad Stuck in Recovery mode loop after update [HD]. You can also use dr.fone – iOS System Recovery to fix iPhone/iPad stuck in recovery mode with NO DATA LOSS: Please subscribe to my channel and find out more……
►►►Read First◄◄◄ ALSO for jailbroken devices !

Hi in this Video i´ll Show you how to get out of a boot Loop ( recovery Loop fix). You dont Need to restore ( some People even cant restore cause they got the iTunes error 21)

this fix works for all i devices, iphone , ipod , ipad …

You just Need the tool redsnow

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just follow the steps in the Video.


►►►Zuerst lesen◄◄◄

Hi leute in dem Video zeige ich euch wie ihr aus einer boot schleife (bzw recovery schleife ) herauskommt.

ihr braucht dazu nur redsnow und müsst nicht wiederherstellen. Manche von euch werden diese recovery schleife sowieso davon haben (Stichwort iTunes fehler)

Einfach den Video steps folgen, download für redsnow ist oben 🙂


danke fürs anschauen ! 😀

thanks for watching guys 🙂

Song is :

Fallgrapp – =adový Útes (Minor Rain remix)

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how to fix a ipod touch or iphone that has water damage. poo

how to fix a ipod touch or iphone that has water damage. poo. part 1, please view part two! if you dropped your ipod touch or iphone in the pool or toilet you will notice that there is a red color in the back of your headphone jack, all you need to do is follow my instructions (which i have to say that i dont suggest) and take it to the genius bar at your local apple store, they will replace because they do not have the tools to check for water damage other than their flash light, make sure you dry it out as much as possible before taking it to prevent any confusion.

UPDATE: i do not adivse you to do anything i mention in my video since it will void warranty and i dont want to get sued. but your ipod/iphone is already broken so what the hell right? what are they gonna do? take your ipod/iphone away from you? Nope. its screwed anyways so why not give it a shot? but no i do not suggest you do this.

heres the link:

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just type in the serial number and the country you live in and you’ll know if it has a warranty. how,to,fix,ipod,touch,itouch,iphone,phone,cell,water,toilet,pool,jacuzzi,repair,take,apart how to fix a ipod touch or iphone that has water damage. poo.

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How To Apply Touch Up Paint To Your Car – Fix Dents And Repair Paint


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⛑⛑⛑ What you will need ⛑⛑⛑
200-1000 grit sandpaper
Touch up paint (Purchase From Dealership)
Rubbing Alcohol ►
Paint Compound ►

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