Photoshop: Best Way to Make a 3-D Pop Out Photo Effect

Photoshop CC 2019 tutorials showing the best way to most effectively pop out images from photos. This is an update of tutorials I’ve done years ago. This update is more efficient & has better results.

Pop Out Photo Template:

Refine Edge tutorial:

Select and Mask tutorial:

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#MetKids—How to Make a Stained-Glass Window

Follow along with Kaja, age seven, to learn how to make a stained-glass window.


• Food coloring
• All-purpose glue
• Cups
• Paintbrush
• Sheet of paper
• Plastic container
• Popsicle sticks
• Masking tape
• Pencil
• Nail file or sandpaper
• Black yarn
• Scissors


1. Glue four popsicle sticks together to create a frame for your design.

2. Ask an adult to cut a plastic container or any other sheet of plastic to fit the frame you created. (Leaving extra room on the edges will allow you to glue the finished design to the frame more easily.)

3. Using a nail file or sandpaper roughen the surface of the plastic. (This will allow the color to adhere to the surface.)

4. Trace the inner edge of the frame on to a sheet of paper. Outline your design within the border you’ve just drawn.

5. With the rough side up, take your sheet of plastic and place it over your design. Tape down the plastic to keep it in place.

6. In a cup, mix two parts craft glue, one part water, and about four drops of food coloring. Repeat for all colors you wish to use.

7. Paint your design! Tip: Work with one color at a time so you don’t have to worry about washing your paintbrush as often. You can use a cotton swab if you need to clean up any mistakes.

8. Let your design dry completely before moving onto the next step. This should take about 20-30 minutes.

9. Once dried, to create a border between each color, outline your design with glue, using a cotton swab for more accuracy. Place black yarn on top of the glue. Cut the yarn to size once it is placed down.

10. Carefully remove the tape from your design.

11. Apply glue to the back of your frame, and glue down your design!

#MetKids is a digital feature made for, with and by kids!

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Inspired by Autumn Landscape.

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