Learn how to make Wine Barrel Cake

Learn how to make Wine Barrel Cake.

Here I have shown all mould sizes. And link is given below for…. learn how to make tap with Fondant.

Click here for Recipe

Click here for Chocolate Cake Recipe

Click here to find Chocolate Cream recipe

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How To Fix Screen Tearing Whilst Gaming On Linux – nVidia ⁄ Force Composition Pipeline

How To Fix Screen Tearing Whilst Gaming On Linux – nVidia ⁄ Force Composition Pipeline

This is a quick tutorial on fixing screen tearing on Linux when using a nVidia GPU, by enabling Force Composition Pipeline in the nVidia X Server Setting application.

However you need to run the nVidia X Server Setting application as root in order to save and apply this settings permanently.

The easiest way to do this is type the following into the terminal:

sudo nvidia-settings

Then navigate to X Server Display Configuration / Advanced and enable Force Composition Pipeline

Repeat for all your monitors.

Click Save to X Configuration File and click Save.

This will save it to xorg.conf, which can be found at:


Alternatively if you are using Manjaro, instead of saving to xorg.conf, you
need to save the settings to mhwd.d, which can instead be found at:

So instead of clicking Save, instead click on Show Preview, copy and paste that content into the mhwd.d file, and save.

Once this setting is applied, then screen tearing will be fixed, and more importantly this will be applied at each boot.

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CRC 2005 – Arch Linux [D9VK] – how to fix black surface

• download D9VK:
• copy d3d9.dll from the D9VK x32 directory to the folder where the crc.exe is located
• open terminal and type “winecfg” • in the newly appeared dialog choose “libraries”, type “d3d9” and press “add”. Select the file, click “edit” and choose “Native (Windows”. Click OK.
• In the first tab of that dialog choose “Windows XP”. Click “Apply”, then “OK”.
• In terminal type “wine crc.exe” or you can double click the exe, if you like.
• Go to graphics options and set “texture detail” to 2 points (out of 3). This will fix the black surface.
The game will run and will be in the state you see on the video.

Sharkoon S25-W
MB: AsRock B85M Pro4
CPU: Core i7-4770
VGA: Palit GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB
RAM: Corsair 32 GB DDR3 1600 MHz
PSU: Corsair CX750
SD: Corsair Force LE 120 GB + Western Digital 1.5 TB
OS: Arch Linux

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