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Google has been adding new Android Auto features over the years in order to improve the end-user experience, a dark mode being the latest addition. The mobile app always came in handy for checking WhatsApp messages right from the car’s display without pulling out your phone, but did you know that WhatsApp had the ability to read WhatsApp stickers?

Yes, you read that right. Android Auto will provide you a description of the sticker you just received on the phone. This way, you will be able to guess which sticker the sender might have sent without even checking it. Cool, right? The feature works for individual chats and groups as well.

I tried using the feature and to be honest, I’m impressed. It managed to give relevant results whenever I played around with it. The response time was also quite negligible and there was no much delay in processing these stickers.

To try out this feature, connect your phone to your Android Auto supported car and send a sticker to your WhatsApp account from any other number, say your sister or friend. Now, you will be getting a notification on your car’s display. From there, tap on the “Play” button as you can see in the below image.


Now, check out the voice output from Google Assistant describing the sticker. Take a look at the video we’ve created for a better understanding of how the feature works.

[insert video here]

It is quite impressive how the software giant is making intuitive improvements by harnessing the power of AI in its products to provide a better experience to its users. Do not forget to try out the feature the next time you receive a WhatsApp sticker and let us know if you found this helpful in the comments.

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