This Hiker Couldn’t Explain What They Had Discovered Frozen Under The Ice

This hiker couldn’t explain what they had discovered frozen under the ice. Today, we take a look at what this hiker discovered frozen underneath the ice.

200,000 years ago, the world was covered in ice. During the winter, snow fell. The summers were warm, and the snow melted slightly, but never truly faded away. When the weather cooled again, the soft layer of snow on the top froze into ice, and this would repeat itself.

The blinding white snow began to reflect heat and sunlight away from the Earth. Slowly, the sheets of ice advanced. At their largest, the ice covered a full 32% of Earth’s total land area. That’s over 47 million kilometres. Even today, glaciers cover nearly 10% of the earth, and they contain 70% of the globe’s freshwater. In Alaska, the land underneath glaciers may be as deep as 2.5 kilometres below the glowing blue ice.

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